Nick Crockett (1st year MFA Candidate) is working in the studio and on the CNC router with Phillip Scarpone (School of Art, Sculpture Instructor/Technician) to create a mold which he will cast a Smooth On Silicon Rubber into for his most recent interactive piece.
Images of his rendering, Rhino3D file, machined mold in foam and casting results are below.

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-2-33-47-pm  screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-3-02-19-pm  cnc-pattern-nick   nick-mold

Results after casting the silicone rubber:

John Choi (BCSA Senior) has recently cut a mold pattern out of machinable wax on the CNC router with Phillip Scarpone (School of Art Sculpture Instructor/Technician) to be used as a component in one of his recent robotic works.
John will be pouring a Polytek Polyurethane Rubber into the wax form and then cast a Smooth On Urethane Plastic into the rubber mold.  Images of John’s wax pattern machined on the CNC are below.  A horizontal roughing operation, valley finishing and parallel finish operation were utilized to achieve the molds surface.

machineable-wax   machineable-wax2

Results after casting the urethane rubber into the mold:


Below are John’s other recent experiments with machining mold patterns in insulation foam on the CNC and casting with a Smooth On Expandable Foam :


Erin Mallea (1st year MFA Candidate) is working on graphite etching tests utilizing the CNC router.
Images of the results below…
graphite-etching-test-2 graphite-etching-tests

CNC Router Mold Making and Graphite Etching
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