So here we wanted to get you guys excited about some things that people have created with the CnC router. The list is infinite, but I have chosen some for you to see. Be sure to look yourself, as you’ll find more things! So I know you can make things… the forms you can make are beautiful and Robb and I will go over them with you. But, I wanted to show you how the CnC has informed the art world and get you thinking about the applications of the CnC conceptually.


This is a running list and I will update it until the day of the workshop!


Adaptation by Luke Loeffler, a grad here at CMU.

Adaptation from Luke Loeffler on Vimeo.


The Open Source Community has tapped into how powerful an industrial tool like the CnC router is. Check out WikiHouse.

Pablo Garcia made a quaint little project about drawing with the router. Easier than it may seem, it is definitely a great example of non-router-bit CnC work.

Machine Drawing Drawing Machines from Pablo Garcia on Vimeo.


Here is a more technical and beautiful piece by Eric Brockmeyer called CNC M&M’s. A gorgeous project that isn’t CnC based, but is conceptual built around the interaction with G-Code and such.

CNC M&M’s Update from eric brockmeyer on Vimeo.


CnC Workshop // Nathan and Robb

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