ArtFab Blue is physical computing and rapid prototyping lab located in Doherty Hall C200.  It includes the following making capabilities:

  • sewing
  • soldering
  • PCB fabrication (isolation routing)
  • surface mount soldering with reflow oven
  • laser cutting (mobile FSLaser 40w laser cutter)
  • osciliscope
  • power supplies
  • RaspberryPi’s and Udoo’s for embedded electronics


ArtFab Blue stocks a considerable array of components and parts, including:

    • electronics components (e.g. resistors, capacitors, ICs, …)
    • analog and digital sensors and breakouts (e.g. accelorameters, gyros, temperature, pressure, …)
    • cameras (e.g. analog, usb, firewire, kinect, etc…)
    • sound (e.g. speakers, drivers, transducers)
    • lighting (e.g. incadescents, LEDs, ultrabrigh LEDs, el-wire, …_)
    • electro-mechanical (e.g. servos, steppers, drivers, motors, solenoids, fans, muscle wire, Lego, …)

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