• Cutting material based on a scanned image (see this video, or read this tutorial)
  • Engraving based on a scanned image on the Epilog (check out this guide, read these notes on dithering options,
  • Engraving based on a scanned image on the Rabbit (coming)
  • Making a box (use BoxMaker, download PDF and open it in illustrator or rhino, vector cut)
  • Cutting from Pepakura (check out this instructable)
  • Creating Dashed lines (in Rhino)


All reservation requests are made through the reservation site. Before making a reservation, please have:

  • Your design files: in Rhino or Illustrator format; provide link to design file (using Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) in your reservation notes. NOTE: laser-cutters do NOT understand image files Bitmaps/JPEGs/PNG/…); you must first process the image file to create a vector file (i.e. illustrator, pdf, rhino, svg, …) for cutting; for engraving images, please see the tutorials above
  • Your materials: unless your class has set aside materials for your project, you are responsible to bring your own materials.  Common laser-cutting materials (wood, plastic, paper) can be purchased at the CMU Art Store or from one of the suppliers in the area (Paul’s Lumber is the most common for wood)

Tutorials on using the reservation site.



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