The Undergrad Project Space is located in Doherty Hall B310.

This space is available to all School of Art Undergrads.  If demand is high, priority will be given to Juniors and Seniors. The space can be reserved by undergraduates for up to two weeks for installation, documentation, temporary exhibition, or work residencies.  Project Space use must follow the following conditions:

  • The School of Art office will issue you a key for the duration of your reservation.  All school key policies apply.
  • A formal request must be submitted at least 1-week before the start of the residency through this online form.
  • The room must be returned to the community no later than the approved time and date; the room must be returned in good condition (see below)
Before you can use the space, you must get a Studio Space Policy Agreement from Cindy Lammert, and sign it.  You will be agreeing to the same policies that apply to all SOA studios.  These include:
  • No candles or other open flames.
  • Do not hang anything on the sprinkler pipes, ceiling cable trays or electrical conduit.  Do not block sprinkler system.
  • Do not use spray paint, fixative or spray mount inside the building.
  • Do not use un-contained water, rice, marbles, etc. that would cause a slipping hazard.
  • No exposed electrical wires or overloading of electrical outlets.
  • No screws or nails in the ceiling.   Nail holes in walls must be refilled and repainted white.
  • Keep the floors clean — you will be responsible for cleaning and painting if needed.
  • When using sound, use moderate to low volume and provide headphones when possible.


The calendar below shows scheduled activity in the SIS/ArtFab Project Space.

To request a work period please complete the Project Undergrad Project Space Request Form.

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