Milled Material: A 29×37″ sheet of White Birch Veneered Plywood, 1/2″ thickness, lightly hand sanded to 320 grit smoothness before and after milling.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Rhino/RhinoCAM

Printmaking Techniques: Relief Print with Chine-Colle.

Ink: Daniel Smith Lithography Ink modified with Magnesium Carbonate

Papers: Thai Unryu, Kitikata, Kozo, Mulberry, and BFK Rives

For details on this project with quasi-step-by-step instructions,  feel free to examine this lengthy, candid, document describing the process: WoodblockonCNC_processnotes


Other things I am interested in doing: Transmitting line weight information in Illustrator (made by drawing with a pressure sensitive Wacom Tablet) as cut depth in the toolpaths. Using Processing to create vector based patterns. Using varying cut depths on the same block to affect line and hatch qualities. Multi-color and reductive process registration systems.

Name: Justin Lin

Date: September 2012

Class: Expanding the Monoprint, Patricia Bellan-Gillen, Fall 2012


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