SocialVR is a browser-based interactive design tool (see screen-shots below) that allows non-technical users aged 8+ to create personalized Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. Using a simple browser, phone, and low-cost camera, individuals who otherwise would not have access to VR technology are equipped to build personalized immersive experiences using 360 photos and videos, text, and audio. Using these media primitives, users can create customized stories, games, and learning resources.  In addition to providing an intuitive design interface for creating VR experiences, SocialVR also provides a mechanism for multiple people to view the experience concurrently: VR experiences created with SocialVR can be shared easily through iOS and Android app stores.

Social VR is motivated by a number of storytelling paradigms, combined with social-interaction paradigms that can make Virtual Reality experiences more accessible, and more pertinent to the non-profit and experiential learning domain (see diagram above).

This site tells you more about Social VR, learn about our Partnerships and Projects, check out the SocialVR Editor, learn about our iOS/Android App, or check out our Blog. Note: We are in the process of acquiring permissions for all the images posted on this site; until then the site is password-protected; please contact Ali if you’d like to take a look.