• ArtFab Blue: Physical Computing, Immersive Media, Urban Projection and Hybrid Instrument Building

Hello and welcome to the Carnegie Mellon University‘s School of Art Fabrication (ArtFab) Facilities.

ArtFab is a cross-disciplinary facility dedicated to research and pedagogy and the intersection of digital and physical media and techniques.  ArtFab is a part of SIS (Sculpture, Instillation and Site-Specific) area of the School of Art.  ArtFab is located on the C- and D-levels of Doherty Hall (DH). ArtFab supports artistic research and creation with analog and digital fabrication, electronics, interactivity, kinetics, textiles, casting, metal work and sound. The studio consists of a Shop and a Lab. ArtFab Shop (DH D200)  is a 2500-square-foot studio for fabrication tools with mixed media. The Shop includes a CNC Router, welding and plasma cutting facilities, metal working tools, steam bending, mold making and casting. ArtFab Lab (DH C300) is a 900-square-foot physical computing studio with tools and materials for robotics, sound installation and soft sculpture.



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